Transcribe Tuesday — The head from “The Big Fat Hen” written by Jon Hamar

I transcribe a lot for my students, but I don’t get a ton of time to really work out things that players do that inspires me. I started working on this tune last… Continue reading

31 days with out Alcohol…talk amongst yourselves.

I decided that I would use the new year as a catalyst to start a journey into a life without alcohol. I have been drinking since I was in the eighth grade with… Continue reading

Video: Spending time in the Charlie Parker Omni Book for bass.

A couple of years ago when I started really studying the bass, I bought a bass clef version of the Omni Book of Charlie Parker’s tunes. I wasn’t really good enough to play… Continue reading

A love letter for the cello player….

More often than not when I am playing double bass in public someone will make a mistake and unabashedly call the double bass a cello. I typically don’t correct them any more. I… Continue reading

Why I play music (I think); the Inner Game not just for tennis players, it’s for everyone!

I had a teacher that told me to read this book. They hadn’t read it, but I learned that the things that this teacher didn’t do, but suggested, became more important to my… Continue reading

George Vance and a refreshing change to my technique

I am kind of doing some house cleaning on some posts I want to do: About a year and a half ago one of my defining learning moments as a bassist happened as… Continue reading

Video String demo between Thomastik Belcanto and Pirastro Evah Pirazzi (weichs)

I recently went to Hammond Ashley in Seattle, WA and purchased a new bass (more on that soon!). I have been using Thomastik-Infeld Belcanto strings for the last two years and so I had… Continue reading

In Memory of Ralph Sappington

Today marks the anniversary of Ralph Sappington’s death. I think of Ralph often, especially since I started attending Rocky Mountain College two and a half years ago where he was the jazz band… Continue reading

How to prepare for your junior recital…

This is a big moment for me, and this blog for that matter. I have been preparing for my junior recital, and that means a lot more than just practicing my material. In… Continue reading

Bass Book Review ii: Boundaries with kids…really, with myself.

I have been giving the idea of boundaries quite a bit of thought lately, which was spurned by thinking about how to approach this book review. I felt strange with the way that… Continue reading

My best blogging year yet! It’s fun to see where the viewers come from!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,300 times in… Continue reading

Book Review: The Music Lesson – Victor L. Wooten

I started re-reading The Music Lesson by Victor L. Wooten, the bassist for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, as well as master clinician and solo artist, a couple of weeks ago. A student of… Continue reading

Three hundred and sixty-four days, and sixteen hours ago (and learning how to say no).

Almost one year ago, I was sitting in this chair and working on some transposing exercises for my Instrumental Methods class and my wife went into labor; three hours later we had a… Continue reading

My vow to you: No texting whilst driving.

I have been away for a while and generating some more things to write about and I have been super busy lately with school starting again, reading, practicing, playing and hanging with family.… Continue reading

Bass video lesson #1: G major scale and groove application using open strings.

This is my first lesson video showing one of the first scale you might learn on the bass with open strings involved; here is why you should learn it and some spontaneous applications… Continue reading

Video Blog: Stretching to avoid injury!

I have seen quite a few people suffer from the effects of not stretching–I was one of those people. When I started getting serious about playing upright bass (as well as playing a… Continue reading

Video archive: How to refinish a hard wood floor, put on flashing, and a live performance with Tyler Burnett.

I had a band a long time ago that was really popular locally and we were starting to branch out towards the west coast market. Our touring days only lasted a little over… Continue reading

America The Beautiful; featuring Jaco Pastorius.

Every time I watch this video it moves me beyond any other music video. Three years before his untimely death Jaco was in apparent rough shape. His pants are dirty and he does… Continue reading

What I think of when I listen to Mumford’s new album BABEL.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mumford, but I do, for some reason, have an issue with the constant rhymes that Marcus Mumford places back to back in numerous verse and chorus on… Continue reading

AMT SP25B with super preamp for sale.

I had to create this page so I could put the pictures up for Talk Bass. Link to Talk Bass page:

Chris Thomas from BB Fellowship Band plays one of the best solos I have heard.

I follow Brian Blade on Facebook and a month ago and he shared this video from a performance of the tune “King’s Highway” at the Chicago Music Exchange. I pulled it up and… Continue reading

Let the pro’s lip sync…

For a little Sunday fun it’s always good to see your heroes not “selling out” to the evils of the lip synched track on live broadcast. I have watched the video of the… Continue reading

A video from Steve Brown and the Alex Nauman Big Band.

My friend Steve Brown wears many hats and looks pretty darn good in all of them. Steve is a huge supporter of local music in Billings, Montana and we are glad he’s here.… Continue reading

Tuff bag is tough…tuff?..tough!

I have been using my Tuff Bag about three to four days a week since I bought it from Steve at String Emporium in October. This is the new model with extra padding… Continue reading

Jeff Hamilton and the most nervous/excited I have ever been. (Reflections one year later.)

Almost a year ago I was presented with one of the most frightening proposals I have ever been persuaded to consider. The famous, and around these parts infamous, Jeff Hamilton was coming to… Continue reading

First full day and first time playing at SXSW (South by Southwest)

Yesterday I played with C.R. Smith at South by Southwest. I was nervous but excited to play in Austin, TX. The sheer number of bands made me feel pretty insignificant, but at the… Continue reading

First night in Austin

I am going to try and document each day as they come starting today with last nights festivities: We flew into Austin around 5:00 yesterday and I quickly rushed to the baggage claim… Continue reading

I’m heading to Austin tomorrow! How C.R. Smith, Paste Magazine, and HGTV’s International House Hunters made a dream come true

Dipping your hand into the honey jar, putting irons in the fire, shrimp(s) on the barbie. All things describing my musical journey. Ever since my dream of “making it” with my beloved band… Continue reading

My Magic City Music Award and a smack down to my cynicism.

I recently won a local music award for best bassist. Even though the award just says bass, it insinuates that it means “Billings’ best bass player” (right?). Anywho, I wasn’t there to accept… Continue reading

Deleting Facebook

The title sounds harsher than it seems once you catch my drift: I deleted the facebook app (oh my!) from my phone last week. I have to say, embarrassingly enough, that it was… Continue reading