F. Simandl

This is the book of books for me. This is the main book that I long to practice out of. It is almost like it is alive saying, “learn what is in me and you will be the player you want to be.” So occasionally I listen, so far it hasn’t lied to me. DSC_0080
Today was snowy and cold! Man it was cold! Brenna and I went and got fuel for the week at Costco and the neighborhood health food store then hunkered down at home for the rest of the day. Most of it was spent watching Dirty Rock season 3 but then we decided to study. This is what I did: I started on page 34 and 35 re-doing the two page exercises in F#( which was very hard for me… not today though!). those took me 13 min to do. Then I pushed myself to go on to 36 which was the VI position. That took me 30 min to get through with. I go over exercises multiple times to get them under my fingers.
More power than I thought once I get going I can’t stop, it is like when I used to get advent calendars for christmas, anyway, Page 38 was a cool melodic exercise I thought I kind of made it today because that is the first exercise that sounds like an etude of sorts I repeated half or ex. 8 for fun a few times.
Now, I needed to eat and watch more 30 rock so after dinner I gave it just a little more and started page 39 <a intermediate position between VI and VII position. Whoo hoo! This went well as far as notes and fingers were concerned but not until I repeated it five or six times did it cease to sound like a fifth grader was playing the bass for the first time. No offense to any of you young bloods who could make it sound better than I could. So there it is. A fulfilling day of practice for a guy like me. Hope you enjoy the material.