Not just another Monday

So today I woke up later than I thought because I stayed up too late setting up this blog but after some tea and the word with some close friends I came home and got right to it. Decided to leave the phone downstairs and not let the email get checked until I couldn’t practice any more ( at least an hour, I am only human). So I hit the Simandl. with Page 40 and a little into 41. Exercise 1. and 2. took me about 15 min to get through with some proficiency and then it was exercises with the Ab Major scale and then incorporating the Db major scale. Exercise 3. took me 5 min and 4. was a little harder clocking in at 8 min. Now feeling pretty good about things I went on to Exercise 5. (boo) it was a doozy in 3/4 time I made it through with some confidence after about 25 min of struggle. I have to admit that at the end I could not tell ledger lines from staff lines so I crawled through the end and decided to rest and get some lunch. Fuel! I am hungry. I am finding that my bowing is warming up and the fingers and ears are getting along well. I am excited to get to lesson 6. but not until a little rest. VII position here I come.