Big deal!.. to me

So today I made my goal of goals set for practicing. I made it to the Minor Scales and exercises. I also finished the exercises in the VII position. I was hoping to go further on up the neck into higher positions, maybe they are in the second Simandl book. I will check. I will continue with the minor scale work and then into interval exercises. I am excited about that. I do work out of the Ray Browns bass method for that as well. Anyway, Exercise 6. left me very dis-hartened because first I had to go over lesson 5. again and it was easier than it was yesterday but still not easy. It took me 15min to get through it and it sounded much better than yesterday. So I was having a hard time concentrating on lesson 6. so I decided to stretch ( I will post them soon) for about 15 min and just do some focused breathing. As always it felt good and it was just what I needed! The exercise was fun and introduced some rhythmic change at measure 17 ex. a eighth note, to a quater, quarter, three eights. I kicked it out in about 30 min of the Db major exercise and moved on to page 42. and 43. The VII position was easier than I thought and I was able to move onto page 43. and complete the both of them in 45 min. Exercise 3. was fun and melodic. I am super stoked to have completed this although you have to do three exercises on the next page but they are brief and you have already done the fingerings for them but they are still scary: C# Major, Gb Major, and Cb Major. Yeah…