All the things you are

Yesterday I had a lesson (my only student) on Double bass. We have had two lessons this last month and they are great. We start out working on a little Simandl, to get technique, then we discuss the instrument, stretching, posture and then hit some standards. It is fun for me because I get a chance to read and analyze my approach to a tune and then have to explain it. We looked at All the things you are. The relationship from chord to chord is great and I love the melody that can be created just buy a thoughtful bass line. My student was very excited about how “involved” you can be in a melodic sense. I agreed with him with that being one of the reasons I feel a connect with the instrument… among other reasons. It is a coincidence that we both are guitar players but are also pursuing the bass. I am happy about that. I am looking forward to exploring this tune more, it is also an example that Gary uses in his dvd. I am going to have to hit that up now.