Friday at the Babcock

Today was a pretty good day. Finally got my self back to the gym and did some exercise(gotta keep that heart strong). I went and purchased the second F. Simandl book and after much debate because it looks really difficult. I do want to learn the proper technique for the thumb position and then it looks like there is much more with harmonics, should be fun. I am, before I start the second book going to get through the minor scales of the first book. So today I started the minor scale (after finishing the last three major scales (Cb, Gb, and C#) it was kind of painful and took me about 20 min and then I moved on to A minor and E minor. This is a big change because I am used to hearing Major scales and they are also Melodic Minor scales – something I don’t use often except a little study of the “Jazz” melodic minor. I only had time to give them a once over because I had to get ready to play with one of my groups. Hopefully more for Saturday before the gig. DSC_0002