GIG night with the Tiny Trio

Man… I just got done with my last gig of the weekend. I have to say it was a lot of fun and I couldn’t be happier with it. After each gig got over I realised…”wow, we are actually getting paid!” I mean I didn’t even think about it! I think that it is a testament to the great musicians that I am blessed to play with each and every time I get to lay it down. Tonight ties in with the blog more than the others because we did more of a “straight – ahead Jazz gig.” It was fun technically because the work that I have put into the bass from the last two weeks has really paid off. My intonation has improved as well as my feel for the instrument and especially the arco aspect. My friend and amazing 6string slinger Alex Nauman paid me a great compliment about my arco playing tonight, he said, “sounding good…that S*#t is really coming together.” That may not seem like a great compliment but he was there when I was whippin’ that bow out and makin’ scary (bad… like death like and loud) sounds! It is also great that I play with cats that don’t care what I do, even if it might sound bad! They let me be me. That is amazing to me! Such a supportive group of brotha’s.
I used to think that I needed a volume pedal for switching between arco and pizz but I don’t know that I do. I noticed that my touch with the bow is much more natural and smooth, I have more control of the volume… I can play piano! My wrist and hand (grip) has loosened up and it all seemed to make playing easier and lines smoother, even getting those faster lines.
It feels good to say that I am at this point, that I did practice hard and I am here; not having to say, “I wish I would have practiced, I know that if I just hit it I would be at this next level.” I have been saying that S%*T for years and I am glad I quit saying it and started getting what I felt needed to be accomplished, accomplished. Feels good and it is nice to know that there is a next step! Should be a great week.