Time off… Lazy or what?

Okay, so I was pretty bad about practicing last week. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me – it was like pulling teeth to get myself to practice the bass. I was just so tired everyday. I did persevere by the middle of the week. I had a bass lesson with a student and we went over some bass lines for Cold Duck time, St. Thomas, and All the things you are. It is fun to have to think about what you are doing and create a thoughtful bass line for someone else to play. I did receive a gift from my teacher Kathy, it was DSC_0011
This book is very cool. very heady. I worked on the first page and had a lot of fun. She said it took her about three years to complete. I hope that I can get through it in my life time! Seriously though, Kathy said that Coltrane and Freddie Hubbard used it to practice out of. It has already given me new ideas for soloing. Here is what page one looks like and there is also a Preface type deal with two pages of definitions that I have been reading over and over ( if anyone is interested in seeing this let me know and I will post it). DSC_0005

Now I hit the Simandl book hard yesterday with a lot of force and a Cherry Ginger brew to keep me focused. I am working on the Minor Keys and lemme tell you it is not that easy… the first time. It took me about seven min. to get through each exercise introducing the Scale and then that exercise. Then the second time (that I play it fluidly) it take about 4-5 min. The exercises are becoming more melodic and exciting but difficult.

Now I played a gig last night with the Tiny trio and it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of spontaneous composition and weaving in and out of tunes; original and standards. This particular group is a blast to play with because the guys are so laid back and unafraid to get “out” if they need to or get nasty and in the pocket. It is a very exciting group to play in. I am playing a lot more with my bow these days and last night was a great Practice/growth barometer. I started to play solos with the bow and each time I bring it out it starts to become more sensitive and an extension of my playing. I love the way it sounds! Man, I am just brimming with excitement. I am hoping to hit the books hard tomorrow: I have the night off and I am going to go to a show with my lady.
9121_100932499929276_100000375782617_21324_6631627_s TINY TRIO
Alex Nauman, Me, Clay Green