Someone has to be accountable here!

Today was a lovely day so far: coffee with the lady and then to practice. It was a productive session… well sort of. I started off working on the Minor exercises on page 47 and 48. It took me an hour to get through page 47 – that was not including stumbling through the exercises and the break I took in between to play the drums. That helped a lot. I ended up completing the last exercise in D minor(the saddest of all keys) ten times! I widdled it down to one minute, it sounded great by then but I turned to find the next page had the rest of the exercise. I was feeling good so I just did the remainder of the exercise in two tries at about two a min. I figured that was sufficient enough to move onto the Gminor exercise and completion of the page in a total of about 9 min. I figured I should quit while I was ahead and maybe come back to it later.