Thelonius Monk

Today I finally got to practice. I have been very busy the last two weeks recording and playing gigs. They have all been great and I have learned a lot each time as well as excite myself with applying all that I have been studying. I have wanted to practice Monk tunes more since listening to Trio Music. My friend Alex and I like to play Monk tunes whenever we play together. My new intrigue is to memorize as many heads and tunes as I can. I started working on Rhythm-a-ning, and playing the changes and it went well, I just love that tune soooo much. It has a great looseness in the melody that you can have a lot of fun with it. With the melody I transposed it into solfedge as well just to keep that thought process fresh in my head. I will be trying to do that more as time goes on to develop my ear better. After that I moved to Bemsha Swing. This tune is very dear to me because I learned it from the late great Ralph Sappington. I remember the first time I played it something resonated in me. The changes and groove was so exciting to me. This was very enjoyable to learn. I started working on Monk’s dream. I am finding similarity in these tunes but they all sound so unique and different. I am excited to get to work on some more tomorrow. I am having more and more fun playing as my reading gets faster and faster. It is now easier to switch in and out of bass and treble clef. That used to be so difficult and discouraging to me. Until tomorrow. Right now I am going to watch a great video of the Standards trio from 85′ that I just got from Amazon. I would have posted these charts but my computer keeps freezing up.