So I thought that I would post this because I think that this is very important to the individual and the music. One of my strong beliefs is that what make us better musicians and inspires us is not limited to music all in it’s self. Things such as: good meals, quality time spent with a loved one, an amazing book, a walk, exercise, conversations, nature, and spiritual adventure are all key ingredients to making a well rounded player. I love the way keith Jarrett answers this question on his dvd about the art of improvisation. He is asked, “how important are other things than music in influencing the way you think?” Keith: “More important than music” Interviewer: “like writing – philosophy…” Keith: “More important than music” interviewer…”(laugh/scoff)really?” This is great to me! My friend Clay Green and I have been talking about this for a long time together and he has been practicing it longer than I know of. So this is a shout out to him because he makes me think and act on this. The day before this walk and Froggie legs we set up two sets of drums and played back and fourth and with eachother for two hours straight. Amidst the music of these improvised sets I was having prophetic music running through me – it was almost like we were speaking in tongues with on another with the drums – asking eachother questions and finishing eachothers sentences. It was a very amazing experience. We are always talking ’bout that E.S.P. DSC_0309DSC_0308DSC_0293DSC_0298DSC_0288DSC_0287