To New York I go!

Well… 4:00 A.M. came quickly! I am sitting in the airport gate lobby waiting to board my 6:07 A.m. flight. Pretty soon I will be heading off to The big apple – I have never been there before. I am excited! I have also never traveled by myself before – well, one time I did-it was only from Billings, MT to CDA, Idaho and I found a sweet pinball machine and in the excitement of winning a free game I missed my flight. Watched it board and take off even – just couldn’t get out the door because it was locked…weird situation. So I am hoping that the rest of my solo travels go better than that.
I feel like I got in all the practice that I could before departing. My fingers hurt and I am second guessing myself: this is the first time that I have ever put myself in a situation of scrutinization other than playing live – which for me is a totally different thing all together. So I take my lesson on Tuesday and then I have the rest of my time to relax. I found a cool guy in N.Y. that is going to rent me a bass tomorrow and I should have time to get a little adjusted to it. I am excited to see what happens during this meeting with Gary and if nothing else what I have learned in the three months of preparing for this journey is worth so much more – plus! I get to see a beloved friend. This is such a great opportunity and I am finally getting excited! There isn’t much else to say. OH! I did end up hitting my goal in the Simandl book! Made it through all the Scales and I am now in to Interval training! Yeah! Feels good to me. Alright… DSC_0212