New York, New York

I landed in N.Y. city around 2:30 in the afternoon with a very quick and painless flight. My friend picked me up and we drove around for a few hours looking for food in Queens – We didn’t stop for anything but it was fun to see the neighborhoods. We drove into Manhattan and ate at Katz’s. It was amazing and expensive. We were still hungry so we hit up a great Italian restaurant. Yum! So back to the music – we went to the Fat Cat club and saw a really cool 23piece Gamelan group. I was really impressed and dug it a lot. The vibe of the Fat Cat is really cool, very much my type of place – some of my friends would be in hog heaven there as well. The place is part parlor game heaven i.e. probably 10 ping pong tables and as many pool tables, a few shuffle board tables, chess and board games everywhere, tasty beverages, and foosball; the other half is a stage and seating area for bands. So you can play all these games and listen to live music at the same time. After the F.C. were fortunate enough to catch the last set of Christian McBrides band. They were pretty amazing – it was great to see such a great band that close and at the Village Vanguard! After the show we went back to the F.C. and sat in for a tune at a Jam session. So far this trip is great- going to take it easy today and pick up a bass for my lesson tomorrow.