Practice makes…

So It has been a very long and interesting Winter. Since returning from New York on the 21st or so in November, I have had many life changes. So here is what happened: I spent the afternoon talking with Gary Peacock, talking music. He asked me many questions about how I hear music. I can not really explain what he even asked but he told me, basically, that what ever I hear is what I hear. That is that. THat is what tipped my boat over and I couldn’t get back in it. I couldn’t even grasp what he said and then I landed in Billings; My lady of three years decided that It would be best if we split – something new to think about – and that also left me with the task of moving to a new joint. So I took another trip to be with my family for the Turkey day holiday and practiced a bit.
I also had an experience with God that spiritually changed my life – another thing to think about- changed my whole gig. Then I spent the month moving and settling in… then a month doing other things than practicing. I was honestly discouraged. I did not think that I would want to complete the task of finishing the book. I made it through the scales and positions and I think I also was coming off a big task. It was hard to get the motivation to rock the intervals. I have also worked them in the Ray Browns bass method But these are much different. They are also finished with an exercise that is just about above my capabilities. They are hard and I really have to work at them a lot. And if any of you know me… I get a little cranky if things challenge me too much. Ha, I always rise up but it is funny. Anyway, these are funny because you can see the dates of the exercises and they are pretty sparse. If I would have been more diligent I would have gone through faster but I was always picking up before where I left off. Digging myself out da hole!

So I made it through – I tried about a page a month. I don’t remember the struggles but I do know I almost gave up after the 5ths.