Sixth sense

It took me two weeks to get this going. This summer has been pretty hot, and my rosin kept melting, and I was sweating, and bla bla… So I got an air conditioner up in Alex’s and my studio and it is in the lobby. I set a fan up to it and I can blow a nice cool breeze into my room and sit on my comfy chair and play. The rosin stays semi hard as well. Gosh, my bow also has not sounded very good since I got it re-haired in Oct. of last year. NOt sure why but it is crappy. So anyway lots of rosin breaks… Now, I took the end pin out and practice sitting in my Roc – Soc chair, it is very inviting and that helps. So I am getting into the groove of practice and it feels great. Yesterday I finished the 6th’s and hit the exercise. It was very hard at first but then became very enjoyable. The satisfaction of the exercises sounding more like a “classical” tune makes me happy. Like I am the Soloist or some Sh$t like that. I am thinking about hiring a teacher because in a few days I will be into some bowing stuff that looks way over my head. The goal – with lots of prodding from fellow musicians – is to try out for the symphony… okay… So.. On to the 7th’s which I have been really looking forward to… last YEAR! Better late than never!

P.S. So on the exercise I – which I did a lot on the other exercises that slowed me down a ton! – started moving to other positions and ran the exercises. This helps me to learn different fingerings and bowing over different strings. Also learning the notes up the other strings. This can be frustrating but eventually none of it will be. I do hope so!