The 7th son…

Welly welly well… Started the Sevenths on the 26th and made it to my goal of completing the flats portion.
It was fun. There is a cool way to analyze the way the intervals look in my head and the patterns made on the instrument. The next day I started the sharps. It is weird because all throughout the book as you get used to the sharps the flats come and it flips your whole gig. Playing these scales seems mundane but there is quite a bit of fun that happens in each key. There is a new sound… So, funny, at the end of the Emajor scale there is a typo, it goes to a C and it should be an E. It threw me for a loop but made me laugh! On the F# scale there is a trouble spot for me: there is a place where it goes up to the 7th position and as it is descending from the F#(4th finger) to the G#(4th finger) you play the E# with your second finger and the F#(octave lower) with your first finger. Now the trouble I had was that I was flattening my second finger on the E# and there was discomfort. It did not come easily to keep a slight bend in the finger which will prevent injury and increase speed. So I took this as an exercise and practiced it for a few minutes until my body realised what it needed to do. I practiced that on the lower octave as well.

The exercise was fun. Hard at first because I was used to reading in sharps and here is the exercise in Flats. I went through it until the lines blurred… then I went home. I think I will hit this a few more times. It was fun and I think it helps my bowing and reading a lot. Next is the Octaves! Movin’ fast. Peace.