The months just fly by!

I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I posted last but I can… Okay, I have been practicing quite a bit but it is more for “fun”. I went and saw the Punch Brothers and the bass player (Paul Kowert) played a solo with double stops so I have been jamming with myself practicing those. Check out He was a bad ass! There was a slight delay on the vid but the quality is great! The double stops are coming along well and I have implemented them into my playing quite a bit.
Simandl wise: I think I was mulling over the Octave exercise to much, really wanting to get it perfect and struggling with intonation in higher interval jumps. Also deterring from going on to the bowing exercises because I struggle with reading but I am excited to push myself to the next level! So I moved on. I also have been working on interval training quite a bit in my lessons with Kathy so I have been practicing Minor sixth’s. Minor Sixth’s because I have a hard time hearing them for some reason. I love the interval but need more understanding. I wrote the Gmajor scale with minor sixths (well, starting with a minor sixth) out as an exercise to understand how they worked on a diatonic level – nothing fancy.
So what I found was I really like using them! It was fun to use them at my gig with Jeff Troxel that night(Guitar and bass duo “jazz” standards). What didn’t help is how hard I played with my right arm… But I like thinking or the Minor sixth as an augmented 5th although right now I can’t tell you how correctly I used it. Embarrassingly I think I was using it as a +4 now that I think of it… but I can’t remember. It sounded cool regardless.
I also am deciding to be proactive learning diminished scales more. Talking to Alex a lot about them and new concepts to implement them. I have always been a bit weary of them but breaking them down I find cool patterns and great sounds for improvising. FUN!
Lots of fun thanks to Ray Brown’s bass method. I played these for about an hour, learning them in all positions arco. The practice sessions are fruitful and the playing is good – It would be nice to have more gigs but the practice time is nice and it is finally winding down from the busiest summer I have ever had.