Writing music and taking a break.

I Started triplet bowing and I also discovered as of 2010 my love for writing music on my guitar. I enjoy so many facets of music and musical instruments that it is hard to focus on honing one craft. I wish that I could only play one instrument but I also would not be as versatile as I am. I draw from technique with Guitar, drums, bass(electric and upright), Harmonica, Singing; classical, Jazz, Regge, funk, Blues, Country…ect. The list is immense! I am definitely a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I am working at becoming a “Master” of something. I also in the midst of all this fell in love, got married, and continued pursuing scriptural understanding and teaching a class on the book “Experiencing God”. By Henry Blackby. So, my first entry of the year lasted until the sixth month… kind of embarrassing but… life seems to take more of a hold on me than music. I went through all the examples… I think. Motivation being the true lacking component.