Slurs, Staccato, sixteenth notes and what they mean to me.

Now, this is where I am coming into some sort of inspiration. I am playing rhythms that I never dreamed of and playing them well. First ex. b. I remember getting back into the swing and my arm hurting because I was so out of shape from not playing all the time. I used to “gig” more on upright bass and was in better shape. I always take about 15 min to a 1/2 hour to complete an exercise like this at this tempo. I ended up finishing at 94 bpm.
ex. C. This is from 08/06/11 and as you can see these are a month apart. I am not moving fast but in the mean time I had acquired an upright bass from a dear friend and was focusing on something different. I brought the bass, bow, a stack of books, and a stand from my studio to my house so I could start practicing at home. It helped a lot. When I found that I was wasting time on Facebook or staring at the wall I would make my self practice. I remembered that when I first bought the Simandl book I took a lesson from Richelle Sitton and she gave me a bow and some music; told me to play it all and get back to her. This was 2+ years ago. I looked through all my music to find a piece that looked challenging enough. It was Perfect! It took me into an application for all that I was learning and the piece lined up with the Simandl book! The piece was CONCERTO for double bass by Antonio Capuzzi in Fmajor. I loved it. It was challenging. Rhythms and bowing technique. Here is a look at the chart, first page.

As I got more familiar with the rhythms I was having fun! But then… The dreaded 16th notes after the descending triplets! Arrrrg! I have been working and working on this for a total of two weeks and finally got the bowing down for it. I know this takes a senior in High School at least Two weeks to have ready for a recital. I am behind but quickly advancing. I did see one kid, only video I could find, just run the section in one bow(which would be easier – or two bows even!) but my chart calls for playing two slurred notes together for the whole run… Arf! The second page is easier but not complete. I will post a video or something when I get it finished. I also, in the midst, was playing a Dminor cello suite by Bach. Very difficult! So.. back to the Simandl, It was slow going once again but soon 70 bpm’s turned into the satisfying 90 and I moved on to page 72.