Like Charlie Sheen… “Winning”

My playing is starting to gel. I finished exercise d. and e. on Sept. 19 and the exercise below. I have found that by practicing these bowing exercises correctly that my technique strengthens greatly. I didn’t see that d. carried on to this page so I tried sight reading it at 75bpm. It went surprisingly well! I am hitting a point this month where I am finally feeling like I am playing things that were impossible. I have defeated what was my Goliath and that was the 16th note measure in the fourth bar of the sixth measure in the Capuzzi “Concerto for the double bass”. I am still working on making the first page of that piece more precise. It is fun. Getting in about an hour of practice most of the week. I have had to learn a two hour set for a local band on electric this week also so i’ve been playing a lot.