Diggin on it.

I have not been slacking by any means. I have actually found some sort of breakthrough. I have finished page 73 and on to 74. I haven’t really played out of the book much though lately. I practiced for about two hours on Sunday and felt good about things. I think I am about done with the First movement of the Bass concerto in FMajor. I have tackled a lot of hurdles and Playing is more like playing than working parts over and over and over again. I am realizing that I am trying something that I should have done years ago but this instrument, the use of the bow, resonates so deeply with my spirit that it is about all I think about. I thank my wife for hearing that damn first bars of this over and over again. I have the piece up to 100 bpm and am trying to bring that up to 104. Soon. This week. I will post my improvements with the first video ever on this blog. I am apprehensive. I have been putting small accomplishable steps in front of me and conquering them week by week. Today I swam a mile free-style at the Y. Two weeks ago it was 18 laps, last week 24 and this week 33. That’s a mile!!! So with this piece and my musical improvement I am setting the same goal. I have been going back over the Carpuzzi to fix bowings and little things that were over looked previously. So, when I get the chance, I will post the video this week.