In honor of Columbus… Freedom Jazz Dance

This is ridiculous!

I was inspired from this video – again, I had seen it a long time ago. This is Miroslav Vitous and Stanley Clark tearing up “Freedom Jazz dance” written by Eddie Harris. I have always wanted to play the head of this tune so I tried to learn it. With all the practicing I have been doing, it didn’t take long before I actually got it down. I feel accomplished. I made a few mistakes, but I memorized it in two hours or so, and brought it up to a decent speed. My hand is tired but I am not- too bad I have to work, this would be a perfect day to practice all day. I am hoping to be ready to show a video of my solo minus the piano track soon. I just can’t seem to get it good enough to post. So here is to starting the week out strong! Blessings!