Everything happens to me…

Everything Happens to Me
Funny, I woke up today and checked my Twitter account (@browns0und) and Christian McBride (@Mcbridesworld) posted that he was having a little bad luck and quoted this song. I had been listening to it a little this week and more so today because my friend X and I would be playing it as a duo tonight. I had a Simon and Garfunkel rehearsal fall through and I had a night off. So I was listening to different versions and I mostly got sucked into Chet Baker most of the afternoon. What a great sound! Tragic life but beautiful art. Anyway, X and I played this tune very freely and it was beautiful. X is very studied in Evans type playing and I like that about him. I also learn a lot from him everytime we play together. We played a version inspired by the Bill Evan’s “Trio ’64” version with Gary Peacock on bass. Very recently after Lafaro’s passing (I think ’62). This method, if you can call it that, is great for me to get into more of a melodic sense of playing. Keeping time is crucial in a setting like this. Although I wonder, I am also good at anticipating the people I am playing with so I could have just fooled X with my time keeping capabilities… anyway, keeping up the productivity and feeling good. Shalom.