A Video response to the business ://:

Here is a clip of me playing the piece “Bass Concerto in F Major” by Antonio Capuzzi. It should definitely have a piano accompanist but… what cha goanna do. There are definite intonation problems and I slip out of the time at the end. I think I got a little overwhelmed, I’m not used to playing it at that tempo! 104 is where I am taking it. I usually can handle it at 100 but I thought I would go for it. I I am getting tired of this piece. There are a few things that I could change I am sure but the desire to continue this piece is diminishing. It just isn’t that great of a bass piece. There are some nice moments but it’s kind of hokey. Any way. I have learned a lot about technique in playing it and by no means was it easy for me. THat is the sad part. There were some flubb’s here and there but I have played it so much that I just wanted to show where I was at with it and move on. Maybe I will tackle the whole piece but for now I am satisfied. I received a call from the principal bassist for our symphony and she is going to take me on as a student and I am also in the process of going to our school here in Billings, Rocky Mountain College. So here is the video of the piece, I am open to suggestions. This is the first time I have posted me playing anything arco and remember, this is all self taught with the help of F. Simandl.