Finally a breakthrough~

So, while I was applying at MSU-B for a performance degree I sent a private college an email also to see what they could offer. My wife and I were contemplating moving somewhere that had a school that had a credited bass instructor. We were looking at a few places like CCNY, PSU, and U of O. When I had finally made my decision to “go for it” I received an email saying that there was a double bass performance degree option and the teacher would be the Principal bassist from our Billings Symphony. I was shocked! So I applied and was accepted with a nice little “Scolarship” of quite a bit of money. I am excited because anything helps but it is still an expensive school. So in the mean time I am going to be trying to find aid where ever I can. This is exciting. I am  glad because I was going to have to wait to go to school in the fall somewhere else and now I can start soon! Things are looking up – and prayers for answers have been answered. It just takes a little work to find where you are supposed to be I am learning. I am taking a break from the Capuzzi piece(plus my friend told me the bowings look all wrong and I was playing what was written) and for my own pleasure playing a little bit of  the Prelude from Suite 1 of the Bach cello Suites. It’s pretty… I like it. It’s hard. I have also spent the week learning basslines for a Simon and Garfunkel cover band. I love finding diamond basslines in some of these old folk tunes! I will followup with a little post on that later. The show went well and I think we ended up playing to a theatre with about 200-250 intently listening people. IT was great!