A little Reggae tribute to Aston “Family Man” Barrett and Bob Marley

Another “Bass Changing” moment for me was when I had to learn how to play some Bob Marley tunes for a Funk band about four years ago. I thought, “this is going to be pretty easy, just some Reggae”. Damn… I was wrong. These bass lines are the bread and butter to the songs and they ain’t easy! There is a definite intricate strong groove and the lines are very complimentary to the chords and rhythms. So, I thought I would share. I can’t say that I am an expert but the handful of the “Family Man’s” bass lines that I do have down I respect and try and emulate that when ever I have to do an impromptu Reggae jam. I’m white and I live is cold ass Montana so I know that achieving any island groove status is not likely but I try and do the genre justice. I basically just imagine in my head that it is hot as hell and I try and play like that with out slowing down. That is all I can do. I hope I did it justice to others that may see. I also wanted to post this in case some one else is looking for a little help on the tune and can’t seem to hear it with their ear. These can be difficult and any thing can help when you have to cram for a pick-up gig. Alright, enough of my yakkin. Enjoy.

the You Tube Video doesn’t play in U.S.