New implementation of the S’s.

I meant to put this up last week but I have been very busy. I signed up for classes at Rocky Mountain College and It looks like I will get what I need. I am excited to Study under a professional. It will be my first time.

Two weeks ago something hit me. I decided I was going to try and be as healthy as I could; eat salads and less food, at least twice a day. That is my first S. Then more and more S’s started coming into my mind. I am Stretching more, I have been experiencing some pain in my indexfinger on my left hand. I think it is from guitar and not bass. Thankfully. I am reading Scripture more and more. I started the at the beginning of the bible in Sept. and have been plugging along. I got caught up in Leviticus and finally I am on to Numbers. Some of it is brutal. I am also “Shedding” or practicing as much as I can. Wether it is with a band or on my own. I am trying to be productive. I don’t want to get to a placewhere it is a dragto play music – when sitting at home watching Seinfeld (that is another S by the way started season one a few weeks ago and now almost through season 3) trumps being creative and motivated. I see a lot of musicians get complacent and I have been guilty of it. I am trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. I think down time is great but not every night! I am fortunate if I get two nights a week to hang out at home with my wife. I like it. A lot! So there are a few S’s for you.I bought a new Scarf last week also but I have been Saving my money, which is a very new concept to me. It actually works! Be motivated. Be well. I am leaving you with a SunSet that my wife and I saw a few months ago. Pretty good for a cell phone cam. It was probably one of the best I have seen.