Adding more S’s – Scott Lafaro and Simandl!

Lately I have been practicing a lot of scale work covering every octave on the upright. I am tying to cover all of the basses(damnit… no pun intended) like pizzicato, arco, jazz, classical, scales, arpeggios, reading, ear training. It’s pretty cool but plugging away a little at a time. Today I did some cool bowing exercises out of Simandl book on Page 74. I still have hopes that I will finish that book before I die. I have to! I bought the second book for crying out loud! I also am working on using my ear to play bass lines from albums. Today was the head to “Peri’s Scope” by Bill Evans from “A portrait in Jazz”. It was fun! I think it is the hardest thing to do because I can’t always hear a pattern when people get walking. It is going to be a challenge. We played that tune tonight and I know I didn’t play it like I wanted to. It’s a great tune. The pain in my finger is going away and I am happy about that.