The new S… Sadowsky?

So, I have been practicing a lot lately. Mostly doing arpeggios – anywhere and everywhere I can. On the upright bass, electric bass and guitar. Mostly Minor7 and Diminished Arps. I recently decided that I was going to start buying “professional” gear. I have a friend that sells basses and he has a 5string Sadowsky made by Roger Sadowsky in NY. This bass is amazing! The delima: I have always been a 4string player and so it is hard for me to cross over – mentally. I like the challenge of a 4 and the simplicity, if that makes sense. I loooove the low end that this thing has, and the “vintage tone control” is absolutely my style. I can’t put this bass down. IT is a very expensive bass and I am also trying to get a new upright bass. Trying to justify all these purchases is easy it’s just wanting them to be right is the hard part. I feel like if I am going to drop the dough I want it to be perfect. This bass is but the only problem is that I can’t help but wonder if I should have a 4 or a 5. Any suggestions would be amazing! Here is a picture of the beauty.

Now, on to a little Simandl. I have been working slowly out of this book because it’s not the most inviting book in the world but once I get into it i dig it. So here is the page that I have been working on over the last ten days. I only date it when I play so it’s not like it’s taking me weeks for one exercise. The last exercise on the page was hard at first then fun. I jumped to 75 bpm right after getting it @65 bpm. Trying to play these runs over different positions to make the fingerboard more familiar. It is the same thing that I do with arpeggios and other exercises. That way I am learning my instrument inside and out. I am not quite there but definitely trying. So here ya go, once again any advice on the 5string would be much appreciated. Thanks, Parker