Last night was a great night. I was fortunate enough not to have any rehearsals and a new/old friend that is now living in town L.carr was gracious to buy my wife and I tickets to a show at the Alberta Bair theater. The group was Time for Three; a trio of guys that met while attending Curtis in Philly. Double bassist Ranaan Meyer and violinists Zach DePue and Nick Kendall make up the group that has been playing for 11 years. I didn’t know what to expect but was totally amazed all the way through the show. These guys had obvious perfect facility but also blended pop, fiddle tunes, blues, jazz… all together to create a great sound. To make it better we ended up hanging out with them and going to Walkers for some beverages. I was impressed with how gracious these virtuosos were with their time, and energy. They, especially Ranaan, had us all dying of laughter with some of his antics. It must be a bass player thing because my wife said we were similar in ways. I agreed. He even bought us a round of Scotch. My kind of guy! The show was impeccable and they were great guys. I was able to have conversations with them on a personal level and they gave me some great advice. I am very fortunate that I have people around me that make things like this happen. Thanks L.carr. Here is pic of us together. I am hoping to attend Ranaan’s bass camp in the summer called WABASS  click here or just Type in Ranaan Meyer, he’s got 59 pages of Google, that is his real claim to fame.–CAMPS&display=145#offset3