My New Sadowsky

So a few posts ago I was in a dilemma about wanting to purchase a rather expensive and foreign piece of gear…The SADOWSKY! Many a friend gave perfect advice, but in the end I had to take the leap or deny the purchase. After much seeking on my own, which was basically adjusting to the idea of switching from 4-5 strings, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and make the purchase. I have not been more pleased. THis bass helps me to come across creatively and emotionally and not have to worry about sound. It’s all there. The way that Roger Sadowsky sets up his pre-amps on the instrument were built for a guy like me. Simple, straight-forward, and straight-nasty! From the vintage tone control that gives you just a little or a lot of that vintage tone (Treble “roll off”) to the treble and bass pots that can boost your signal and BASS BIG TIME. Something I need with how much I play dynamically. I played out of a few junk rigs on gigs and I didn’t have to worry at all – the bass sounded great no matter what I plugged it into but I played out of my SWR BLonde a lot with it and it sounds great, i also played out of my Ampeg svt-6 and 4×10 cab and it was great; what really captured a perfect tone was through an Eden head, Accugroove 1×10/1×5, and an Aguillar 1×12. This rig, courtesy of Bob Brown, was killer! I have received many compliments on my tone from our New Years show last week it was awesome. So I want to thank Roger Sadowsky for making such a fine instrument(and it’s not even the NYC model!) that has changed my life. I am in love with the 5 String! What made me switch is that the low B sets the Bass apart from the guitar. Makes the Bass it’s own instrument. So lemme talk about that 5th string a little with one word…Response! I can use that 5th string all the time and you can hear it with clarity. That is something that a lot of listeners and players don’t get from most 5 strings. I have heard a lot of people impressed that they could hear the B string so clearly. That makes me happy. All around this bass, not to mention weighing in at around 10 Lbs., is a ten! So if you are thinking about buying a bass, sorry Fender(or anyone else), but I would only recommend a Sadowsky. Hands down. I can’t wait to play it more. Now to get my own rig to get this bass heard the way it should be.

Photo by Casey Page