I have been playing in the Rocky Mountain Jazz band for the last two weeks and in rehearsals I am using my fretless Fender jazz/Pbass split. It’s a bass that has a p bass body, pickup, and neck; with a Jazz bridge pickup and a three pickup selections. To be honest, it is a Tony Franklin custom shop bass. After hearing him play I am not sure why they made a bass after him except the fact he came up with the perfect fretless bass. I used to play this bass with a funk group Big Caboose and the Soul Penetrators. I put on medium nickel round D’Addario’s for a fretted sound. One of my motivating factors was another bass player telling me you can’t play funk on a fretless, so I did for three years. It really wasn’t a hinderance at all; oftentimes it was a really cool sound to bring. It definitely wasn’t your bwamy “weather channel” fretless sound. It was very punchy. So back to the Flatwounds: I thought I would try flatwounds because I want a darker sound than the bright round wounds and what I ended up getting was almost a “Jaco” Sound. Which makes me kind of giddy in my stomach like a kid getting handed a present when knowing his favorite thing is inside of it.  Nothing compares to the upright sound so I miss that but I love playing this bass and the band and instructor don’t mind. It sounds good on the Latin, RadioHead and Pat Metheney stuff that we are doing. My instructor Tony Hammond just bought a killer arrangement for Mingus’s “Nostalgia in time square” so I have to play upright on that. Just doesn’t work. I am super happy with the life that the Flatwounds brought to my bass. It has kind of been put to the wayside for the last two years or so and I’m glad to bring it out. Can’t wait to play it again tomorrow!