Let’s get up to speed.

I figured I would share what developments have happened since I started the S implementations. Here are two S’s that I have been sticking to(more to follow) I have consistently been eating salads during the week and even(a shock to me still) on the weekends. It has given me a new sense of energy and I feel great! All these veggies are very refreshing. I have also been staying home more and only eating out maybe once or twice a week (that is including lunch!). THis is all something that I have never been able to do or realized the implications it has had on my life and productivity; and I am so much happier. By not spending 100+$’s on food each week I am able to save money  and purchase some things I need musically or just have something to show for my hard work. This sort of lifestyle change has brought on some serious blessings in my life and I know that I am being obedient to a calling that was on my heart this summer. I was really confused about what I was going to do and I was praying and praying about it. Finally a friend urged me to take a step. Still overwhelmed about making any decision I heard in my heart(while praying), “do it all”. Sounds a little fantastic, I know, but it really happened. So I

1). ended up “leading” the worship(or praise) music at my church(we were just praising to an iPod) and that was a huge step to me. I had never done it because I had never felt called to; also I feel it is a huge deal to be playing and singing to God let alone leading people into that place. THat whole process has led me to a deeper understanding of what I believe “worship” music is and how it can be done.

2). I applied to MSU Billings and not to my surprise they were terrible to deal with but Rocky  Mountain College was more than accommodating so I enrolled and almost everything was taken care of. Such an easy process! The faculty there is AMAZING!

3). Started rehearsing as much as I possibly could to make my efforts musically honest. I knew that things would happen if the rubber met the road. The last performance I was in with the “Jaded Ladies” was very good and a perfect sendoff for Jess Lechner. Also I was rehearsing with the Alex Nauman Organ Trio www.alexnaumanmusic.com , preparing for New Years: A seven piece band with the Organ Trio, plus Me on bass, percussion fury, and two horns. We practiced a lot, honing some killer funk tunes like old Freddie Hubbard, Zappa, Trombone Shorty, Roy Hargrove and some killer Originals. There were moments in the process that although rehearsing would become tedious and time consuming, some of the musical moments made me feel like we were finally paying music its respect, doing it justice. The gig went off with out a hitch and we impressed the people worth impressing. I was happy to be apart of it. Amidst those gigs were some recording sessions(for Dump Studios and My other band SKY COLLIDE!) and some other gigs that took more rehearsing but I just made myself available and had a positive attitude. It pays off to be positive. Alex Nauman, Brad Edwards, and I started doing a regular Thursday Jazz jam at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co. This gig is great because it gets that upright in my hand more than once a week; practicing tunes during the week so not to be shown up by anyone sitting in and learning new repertoire. Lastly performing my own songs in a few singer/songwriter shows to keep that aspect of my playing up.

Musically There have been so many avenues for me to go down, new and old, amazing musicians to play great music with; and personally I have gone beyond what I thought I was going to accomplish; personal relationships are great and over all spiritual, mental growth has improved. I think it all boils down to making moves. A friend of mine told me, the ever so wise Elija, that “God only works if you work, when you put in 100% GoD will put in 100%. He used Joshua as an example against AI. Nothing is going to get accomplished if you sit around thinking that God is going to do something – you gotta walk towards a door to get through it. I am guilty of sitting on my hands but now that I think about it, I was in such a long prayer state and finally every thing was ready to fall into place. So there is a time for everything. I am glad that this everything is happening now. I could not handle this huge amount of work without my wonderful wife, our relationship continues to grow deeper and I am blessed by her daily.