Bass sensuals from Cristian McBride and a video.

I love it when bassists have a strong connection to the instrument and Christian McBride certainly does. It also helps when he talks about the bass, he has the perfect voice, sounding like Barry White talking about a carved piece of wood. One aspect of the double bass that is overlooked by many and shouldn’t be, is that the instrument is a living piece of wood from the earth, and a big one at that! The way that it feels when it vibrates against your body is one of the deepest feelings I get, resonating with the soul; an action and response to life and music. I am sure all bassists know that when wood is played It starts to “remember” where it came from, it opens up and becomes more alive as it is played(vibrated). Without a whole schpeel about how “God breathed, sung, vibrated, the earth into existence”- because we are all, scientifically proven, vibrating flickering balls of joy – it is a way to get connected with creation on a deep level. Just like Christian says with Esperanza, “Yeeaaa…Got that Mother earth against your body.”(Damn…I love that!) This is just one of those perks that happen for the cat playing such a wonderful instrument. I’d say this stuff but I just don’t sound as cool as McBride. Watch the whole video because McBride sounds nasty with the bow on this duet of Duke’s “Sophisticated Lady”.