Easter Sunday video lesson/sermon. 2 Videos for you

I started today out listening to some blues from Thelonius Monk: “Brilliant Corners” then “Ba-lue Bolivar Ba-lues-are”.  The rabbit trail started, as it always does with You Tube, and I wound up finding Sonny Boy Williamson playing one of my favorite blues tunes “9 below zero”(which he wrote). I watched and listened to more Sonny Boy tunes like “Keep it to yourself” and “I’m a lonely man”  while I was reading “Casals and the art of interpretation”. Eventually I had to listen to Casals play, I never have before. I was amazed at the way he interprets the notes and his sound is breathtaking. Casals is a very exciting discovery for me and I have to thank John Dutton for leading me to Casals. John lent me several books that he thought would help me with my final paper in Music through the centuries II. If you are not touched by theses videos you might need to… I don’t know… consult Mickey Bolton(That is Michael Bolton). These videos are perfect examples of human emotion expressed through music. Although both performers are in different genres, the performers are closer than many might think and we are blessed to have both of them. Alright, Easter Sermon over. Praise God. Amen.