A Bass history lesson and master class from the great Ray Brown.

If you have time to watch and listen to this master class that Ray Brown put on, you will not be disappointed. I wish that I had the opportunity to study under Ray but I will take what I can get. Ray possesses the qualities that make a great musician, and a great teacher. He is kind to his students and very helpful with what they need to develop more. He never makes them feel like they are on a chopping block, but he makes them work and learn from their mistakes. I am very impressed.

The knowledge of the origins of your instrument are important, in this contemporary role of the bass, thank God for our hands sake, the evolution is interesting and comforting. It is also fun to see how the bass have evolved from it beginning origins as a classical instrument! It used to be so big two people had to play it; one person on a chair fingering the notes, and another on the ground level bowing it.  I hate to sound like your typical “Jazzer” but Ray swings sooooo hard. It makes my heart glad. You’ll want to watch all 8 of these videos after the first one, I guarantee it! I’ll add the second also.