“Bass fun” Q and A with a video

Question:  Who might be able to follow a Victor Wooten solo?

Answer: Edgar Meyer.

Question: Who is able to follow one of Edgar’s perfectly crafted solos?

Answer: Ray Brown.

Question: Where do you go from there?

Answer: No where.

Ray throws the hammer down. It gives me the answer to a math problem I am trying to figure out with my bass playing.  As players, we can try and be flashy, innovative, and eccentric, but what really stands the test of time is just plain old, being solid. It is not that I don’t like guys like Victor Wooten, Matthew Garrison, and others of the ilk,  but when I listen to them play I get the feeling that something is missing. Some sort of heart and soul. I am not opposed of players being inspired by this style, but it does not inspire me. I also don’t think we should just play like Ray Brown, only glean what we can and create our own solid and personal sound. Of course I am biased right now, I am on a Ray kick, but this is the foundation right here! See if you can feel what is missing, maybe you won’t find anything lacking; hopefully, at the very least, you will be picking up your jaw from the floor after Edgar’s solo, and snapping your fingers on 2 and 4 with Ray’s groove.