Jeff Troxel lessons

Jeff Troxel and Me, When I first started playing. Look how I am playing it like an electric! I was soooo freaking nervous.

From the second week in January to the last week in April, I was a student of guitar with Jeff Troxel. I had been wanting to learn to play guitar this way since I was a senior in high school – that was ten years ago! Jeff is a fundamentally strong teacher rooted in technique, Music Theory, and strong in jazz harmony. Jeff is not only a jazz artist, but a champion flat picker, garnishing the gold from The National Guitar Flat Picking Competition in 2003. He is a hard worker, carrying a Bachelors in Guitar from Berklee College of Music and a Masters in Guitar performance from USC. Jeff is very active in the Billings and Cody/Powell music scenes. He plays frequently, teaches private guitar students; adjunctly at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT, and Northwest College in Powell, WY. Jeff and I have know each other for a long time. It was with Ralph Sappington and Jeff that I was able to meet and play with many of the talented musicians that I play with now. Those guys made me sound waaay better that I could have ever dreamed! I was honored to play with them and I learned a lot. Knowing Jeff gave me a bit of grace when it came to studying with him. He knew that my primary focus was the bass and let me pick his brain at every lesson, learning what ever I wanted instead of following his regular curriculum. I learned a couple of guitar chord solos from Barry Galbraith and Jack Wilkins helping my reading and learning new chord voicings. He is also helping me reach my goal of, by the end of next year, mastering my major and melodic minor scales and arpeggios on bass and guitar. I know that Jeff is the guy to get me there on guitar. If you ever get the chance to hear Jeff play jazz or his original music make sure that you take it. He plays regularly in the surrounding Billings and Cody/Powell area all year and tours the region in the summer. Here is a video of Jeff and Trevor J. Krieger when they first started playing together as a duo.

You can purchase Jeff’s newest Album here! Spirit of our time