Breaking the bonds of Pop status

The Problem:

I believe that if we, as Americans and modern humans, understand that longevity is possible, and a key to generating culture and regrowth as a civilization, then we will put to rest the Euro-American fantasy pop-icon life spans and careers we have created and perpetuated plaguing great minds for centuries(Romantic Era). The mind-set of “Burning out, before fading away”, This method only scratches the surface of tradition and leaves much to be desired. People always lament about if “Bird” were still alive; what Hendrix would have done with Miles had he not died; Cobain, Danny Gatton, Paul Chambers, Mitch Hedberg, David Foster Wallace, River Phoenix, Kerouac, Basquiat, and countless others – dead before their time. The result is that we are forced to put, at the forefront of popular culture, the mindless drivel pushings from the Harry Potter-Nickleback-Bieber-esk American Idol schlep that is choking out culture like weeds in a garden.

The Solution:

Inactivity, poor health, vices, depression, coping mechanisms, and believing that getting old means being decrepit and irrelevant, propagates an idea and a lie that stifles growth starting with a person and spreading to the community. If we as “artists” can get over the expressionistic idea that our struggles have so much emphasis on our art, then we can over come this plague. This thought was sparked while I was gardening.  I was thinking about my lovely SnapDragons, a perennial plant: able to continue, year after year,  growing without replanting, and providing beauty for us. In the same fashion, wisdom and knowledge can continue to be passed down year after year, from the wisdom of each other and from our elders.

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