Fishman Full circle

The Fishman Full Circle Pickup

The last pickup that I owned was a K&K bass master Pro. I really liked it but I was having trouble with playing at high volumes and getting the sound that I wanted to hear. I did some research on the web and talked with other bass players and I was recommended  the Fishman “Full Circle”. I was skeptical at first because I wanted to go with the David Gauge “Realist” because I think it produces an even better natural bass tone than anything else that I have read about or heard. I was torn because I have been on a tone pursuit for the last six months and didn’t want to hit a wall in the maze and waste anytime turning around. My tipping point was that I need to play LOUD every thursday night. I have to compete and be heard amongst horns, drums, guitars, and piano on a big stage and even bigger concrete room-not to mention my bandmates like to play LOUD! I went for the Full Circle –  Feedback bad! The Full Circle came quickly from Gollihur Music - Upright Bass Specialists
with some great instructions on eliminating feedback. I love the bass community! Everyone is so quick to share tips and secrets without any hesitation. The Fishman was very easy to instal: replaced the adjusters in my bridge and strung it up – The only problem is it changed my action and I had to take it in to my friendly Luthier and he did and amazing job getting my bass into better shape – When I brought my bass to our regular Thursday night gig my fellow bandmates were all compliments about the way my bass sounded. I was so happy! Finally a no fuss pickup system. I am running it through a 2×8” SWR Natural Blonde acoustic bass amp, and running the bass post EQ with everything turned off. I can emulate the sound of my bass quicker that way, for some reason. I played without an additional pre-amp for two weeks and then was having trouble with the “bassy-ness” of the Full Circle. I knew that since I have a pickup that gets me closer to the sound I desire, all I need now is a little tweaking…So I purchased an Headway EDB-1 which I will post about soon. So far, so very pleased with the Fishman “Full Circle”.
           My Review of the “Full Circle” is:
The “Full Circle” performs great at high volumes and produces a fairly realistic representation of my bass, I am only playing through an old Kay so it’s not going to sound amazing to begin with, but It sounds the best that it ever has. I do not pickup any bass drum pedal woof through my bass and I can get a nice well balanced sound at high volumes. It is easy to dial in your tone by turning your wheel adjuster from a resonate full sound to a thinner mid-range tone. Nothing vibrates and there are no moving parts, nothing to forget in a rush out the door. I was surprised with the way it responds when I play arco; it isn’t perfect but it is very close. I don’t have any complaints on the Full Circle and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a natural sound that can be replicated at higher volumes.