SWR Natural Blonde

I apologize but this is a total gear post. I feel like I have to pay this SWR combo amp the credit it deserves. I have been playing the Natural Blonde for 4 years and I am becoming more and more appreciative of its greatness. I have tried other amps and other combos but this one has always taken the cake. The Blonde’s two 8” speakers are the perfect combo, with a hi-fi tweeter and a 5” driver facing the back “for the drummer”, to provide a natural sound with my 1940 Kay bass(Great electric bass sound as well!). I run the post equalization totally flat with my Headway EDB-1 pre-amp and the Fishman Full Circle pickup. The amp runs really bright on the post EQ setting; boomy, big, and bassy on the pre EQ – usually I have to scoop everything out, no matter what the room is – because of the Fishman Full Circle, but It never takes long to dial in a great tone. Isn’t this exactly what we want: a transparent, light weight(it is furnished with Neo-denium Celestions), well thought out, easy to use piece of gear? One of the more thoughtful and most used features is the retractable and detractable suitcase handle with wheels mounted on the back. I can wheel this and my bass in one trip(my bass case has wheels also). This rig is tough as nails and never fails. I highly recommend this rig! The only thing I would like is a 10” speaker to get a bigger low end in bigger rooms – what do ya say SWR? For the real gear head, here is the link for all the specs(Click Photo):

P.S.  – it also sounds amazing with electric and acoustic guitars, as well as vocals. I have also used it as a P.A. on small gigs with my acoustic guitar and vocals and I was pleased.