For any upright bass player or acoustic guitar player, it has got to be (( HEADWAY )) EDB – 1

I recently purchased a “Headway” EDB-1 For my upright bass. This is the pre-amp that I have been waiting for! I love it! With my SWR “Natural Blonde” and  Fishman full circle bridge pickup, all I have to do with the Headway is cut the bass and I add the notch filter to get it that much closer to my sound. Just like Ray Brown says, “don’t let the amp play you, you play the amp”. As a bass player you have to try and get the sound that comes out of your instrument naturally, and replicate it through your amp. I know that can be tough getting a pure sound with out using a mic, but that is the compromise most upright players have to face. What I like most about the Headway EDB-1 is its sound, simplicity, and the ability to cut as much as add. For some reason, my “Natural Blonde” gives me no loss for low end [I run the amps EQ completely flat PRE EQ (it is the most natural sound the amp represents)]. So I scoop my lows way out and I am able to get a fairly natural and balanced sound. I use the notch filter to warm the sound a bit (Q:1 at around 500hz), cut back the highs a touch and it sounds great. No fuss set up. I am not a gear guy but learning a little goes a long way for me. Here is the link to the Specs for those of you that can handle all the numbers(Click on picture):

The Headway is also great for any acoustic guitar, mandolin, and fiddle. It delivers such a beautiful representation of any acoustic I have plugged into it – I use it every time I play my Taylor J14ce through a P.A. The Headway also has a little switch for guitar, bass, and fiddle, which settles you right into the frequency range of that instrument. Just tonight, I ran my upright bass through my Headway and straight into a P.A., for a little society gig and it sounded great! I played most of the night with my bow – no unpleasant growl at all, very warm and natural (for a Kay). I didn’t scoop any lows out at all, so I know it’s my SWR that makes it so boomy. The Headway is very affordable and worth every penny, rush out and buy yours today! Thanks Trevor J. Krieger!