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When I was asked over a year ago to replace bassist Jake Frank in the band Sky Collide, my answer was quickly yes; even though  I knew that it would be a time commitment and time was one thing I didn’t have an abundance of. I had a feeling it would be worth it. We began working on a new batch of  songs Matt Blakeslee had vague sketches of. We were hoping to quickly get into our newly built studio and record them. The studio is a remolded sauna/garage that sits in the backyard of the Blakeslee’s place. Every member of the band had a hand in helping build the studio in one way or another, many other people contributed from our community of friends and family; I had helped with concrete work before I was even asked to be in the band. Sky Collide has met every Saturday morning over the past year to have breakfast together and make the album that you will hear today: KNEAD. It is produced, mixed, funded, and mastered by the band.

KNEAD is a process; we are all constantly being kneaded by God and each other to move out of our comfort zones and explore new possibilities– to make something creative, exciting, different, and meaningful–not only in music but in our own lives, spiritual and relationally. Like incorporating flour and egg together to make a dough, you knead the ingredients over and over with your hands until you have created the mess into a beautiful and tangible piece to make into something even greater.  We wouldn’t have the album we have now if the members were any different, I can’t imagine, but I am glad this groups creativity and talents were chosen to be Kneaded into this piece of work.

I feel like I have recorded some of the best bass lines I have ever played on KNEAD, but what I really hold onto-what is really close to my heart are the relationships that were built over the year with my friends through this process. I love my band and want you to hear the process on the album. We didn’t do it alone, we brought in close friends and family to give advice, record gang vocals, stomp, and sing along with us. We appreciate everyone’s support so much! Please take the time to listen, I think you will be pleased.

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Matt Blakeslee and his pious shot

St. Jordan and his Catholic trading card shot

Barty at the drums

G. Jones

I took these photos.