My early days in Big Caboose with Marco Castro and Clay Green

This was the first band that I started playing bass for about four-and-a-half-years-ago. In the process of auditioning for this band I learned a lot of what helped me become a “bass player”. I had to learn a handful of Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, and various other funk and soul tunes. This is our rendition of “Oye como va”–this band just opens up huge sections for solos on most tunes. The Caboose is loose but it has its charm. I am forever grateful to Clay Green for calling me after Tyler Burnett broke up, and for Scotty Morales for making me play bass and not guitar. I am a different person and have some amazing relationships with these cats because of  the Caboose experience. Love to ya. This video is from ’09 when Marco Castro (now replaced by Alex Nauman) and Clay Green were mainstays for the group. We had some good times. Look at Marco’s shred and as always, thank you George for giving us a playground at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company.