Parker Brown’s Pedalboard; refurbished by Jordan Jeffrey Steingraber

Here is Jordan’s blog check it out; he will do this for you (HE EVEN CLEANED MY PEDALS!): Parker Brown’s Pedalboard.

My friend sold me his old Pedal Train board and also set up my “new” board. Looking at these pictures…damns…I didn’t even take some of the stickers off the pedals after I bought them from Hansen Music; I am embarrassed to say the least. Sometimes (quite more often than not) I take pride in not knowing or caring in what I do with my gear. I am starting to get hip to it now by researching, trying new things, and listening to other people’s advice, as well as trying what is working for them. Consistent tone is becoming more important to me, and being knowledgeable and organized helps make that easier.

My Hat goes off to you Jordan Jeffrey Steingraber; you have inspired me. This is going to make plugging in and playing so much easier and fun! It is not a mess…Like we used to say in restaurants: “clean station; clean head”.


The mess before