Deleting Facebook

The title sounds harsher than it seems once you catch my drift: I deleted the facebook app (oh my!) from my phone last week. I have to say, embarrassingly enough, that it was a wonderful decision and has affected me in a big (positive) way–that is how I know I had a problem. The problem: Time wasting. I was a terrible offender. Hooked to my phone whenever I had a free chance; it didn’t help that I had updates running straight to my phone’s reminder bar every time I got attention on the FB. I like facebook, I don’t want to sound judgmental, because that is not how my tone should be construed, because I get it–trust me. I get it so much that I want to offer this advice, because now that my phone is in my pocket more than it is glued to my nose, I see the people everywhere (even in cool college classes), sucked into the vortex of FB: Get rid of the app and free yourself to let facebook be something you do to keep in touch/”network”, not something that eats up all of your precious time. Just try to enjoy time away from your phone and FB. That is all. It’s hard at first, but you will get through it; I have faith in you.

{Disclaimer: I still have a FaceBook page–I am not brave enough to leave that world quite yet; plus I am still in denial that it is useful for “networking”.}