I’m heading to Austin tomorrow! How C.R. Smith, Paste Magazine, and HGTV’s International House Hunters made a dream come true

Dipping your hand into the honey jar, putting irons in the fire, shrimp(s) on the barbie. All things describing my musical journey. Ever since my dream of “making it” with my beloved band Tyler Burnett crashed and burned, I have been playing in as many projects as I could fall into. I usually have about seven projects or groups that rotate gigs or recording sessions throughout the year. I continue this wild behavior because I love playing music with just about everyone that hired me (at least as people), learning new music, challenging my self, and I have to eat. One group that I always received a call from was C.R. Smith. Every year we would play a great gig in front of a good crowd and thankfully he would keep calling me back to play guitar or bass. I always enjoyed the shows that he put on, they were always a lot of work, but always successful.

Chris Smith was his name when I first met him at Faith Chapel ten years ago upon my arrival (and his) to Billings, MT. We always got along swimmingly. I don’t know why he chose me to be his musical tag along for so many years but I think it always went deeper than the music. Over the years, only doing one or two gigs a year, left us plenty of time to become friends and that has been more important than the music that we make, although, his new EP “The Waiting EP” that He/we  just made is top shelf.

C.R. Smith has worked hard in Billings as a worship leader  at Faith Chapel, as well as creating a style and disposition that is interesting and original. C.R. is a wonderfully talented man and has a vision in his music of sharing hope and encouragement through song; his struggles and triumphs, as well as through interaction and conversation.

So, C.R. decides to enter a competition for Paste Magazine and HGTV to become the new theme song for H&G’s International House Hunters.  Chris had brought the sketches of the song he was working on with Keels, his writing partner in Texas, to practice and then within a week or so we were laying it down, sending it off and crossing our fingers. We knew the song was quality as far as being catchy and solid, but I don’t think we really thought that they would pick us. Two days later… we won! Which meant we were on national television and we were playing for Paste and HGTV at South by SouthWest music festival in Austin, Texas. That also meant that we had to quickly scramble to put out a new EP of songs that C.R. had been working on and get a set together for the festival. We recorded them in the “Sauna Studio” with Matt Blakeslee producing, Jordan Steingraber on guitar, Sam Steingraber on drums, Grant Jones on Keys and sounds, and CR. Smith playing piano and vocals. We managed to get the album finished and in our hands just days before we are taking off to Austin, TX. I am thankful and throughly excited for this opportunity. Thank you all who supported us through the years. We are truly blessed. AlbUm Cover