First night in Austin

I am going to try and document each day as they come starting today with last nights festivities:

We flew into Austin around 5:00 yesterday and I quickly rushed to the baggage claim to greet my Sadowsky (praying it was in one piece still) and I ended up talking to another musician from the band The Current Swell from British Columbia. While I was talking to him Jordan was talking with another band and when we were done we all exchanged names and handshakes and were on our way. It was a great start into the vibe of what this festival it about. Everybody is networking and very supportive and encouraging; SXSW (South by Southwest music festival) isn’t just a festival it is like a giant music camp for the musicians to network as well as see how the professionals are doing it.

A quick run down of the evening:

  • Fitting six young men into a mini van with full luggage and instruments = hilarious
  • Going to Whole Foods for the first time = amazingly overwhelming
  • Seeing The Lone Bellow and chatting up the drummer = very cool
  • Seeing the Divine Fits rock my face = melted
  • Cirque du Soleil show Evoke13 = I was blown away by the amazing and super human talents these people possessed.
  • Going to the new Austin City Limits building was pretty cool as well (where the Cirque show was)
  • Late night pillowtalk with Jordan = priceless

It was a great start to the week here and I am looking forward to playing today at 12:30 on Sixth Avenue!!!!!

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