Tuff bag is tough…tuff?..tough!

I have been using my Tuff Bag about three to four days a week since I bought it from Steve at String Emporium in October. This is the new model with extra padding and love added to it.

I can feel the love.

I had used my Bellafina case for a couple of years, and let me tell you, you can look at the pictures if you want to instead of listening, but the case was hanging on to itself by threads. It was a great case…until it wasn’t…Any spot that could come apart, was apart. I wasn’t terribly disappointed because I had put a lot of miles on it, but the places that were destroyed were places that should have been reinforced better. Straps were busting off, new tears and rips were abound–the padding eventually gave up and was nothing more than a thin lining between my bass and the street. Surprisingly the wheels were the sturdiest thing on this case!

These objects for upright bass players can really nickel and dime us, more like 200-300 dollar us, and it tends to frustrate me that I would have to buy another case after only having this one for three years. I am expecting great things with my Tuff bag, plus there is a 3 year warranty against manufacture error, which I am hoping that I will never have to use. I am transporting my bass even more than I have been the last three years and I really need to have something durable and reliable.

All the five double stitched reinforced handles and straps are in the right place, the pockets hold everything I need (usually music, a sandwich, or a box of Triscuits); high quality zippers and very strong cordura material takes a licking and keeps ticking;  If you want more information go to String Emporium’s website by clicking on the TUFF BAGS at the bottom of the page.




Side handle’s last breath


Velcro fatigued


Sad face…

DSC_5215 DSC_5219 DSC_5220 DSC_5224 DSC_5227 DSC_5230

Click on Pic to go to Steve @ String Emporium

Click on Pic to go to Steve @ String Emporium