Chris Thomas from BB Fellowship Band plays one of the best solos I have heard.

I follow Brian Blade on Facebook and a month ago he shared this video from a performance of the tune “King’s Highway” at the Chicago Music Exchange. I pulled it up and put on my headphones and I was instantly moved–right at the downbeat. It reminds me of how I felt when I first heard/watched the Fellowship play (not live, but on youtube-video farthest below). Since then I have always been mesmerized by the sound and passion that Brian Blade and the Fellowship perform with; there is an intensity and spirituality in the fellowship’s music that I appreciate that immensely.

My listening progression for “King’s Highway” was as follows: First couple of listens it was Brian’s drumming, the interplay, the great piano solos, then the amazing “trading licks” from the horns. After the tenth time, I was wondering what was drawing me back so much to this tune–it was all so solid and I was slowly being drawn more and more into the bass…then BAM! I realized it WAS the bass! If you haven’t head him before his name is Chris Thomas, his playing AMAZING, and his instrument has so much depth, warmth, and response; at the same time perfectly clear and balanced (drool…). His solo is creative, thoughtful, and very soulful. This solo and “King’s Highway” has been my soundtrack for my final weeks of this grueling semester and I have found a new favorite bass player!